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Thanks for your interest in helping to make this event happen!

This is our initial list of possibilities for sponsorship.


Note that this is a largely logo-free event. Sponsors probably get a one-page insert into a participant packet, and will be heartily thanked at the start and end of the conference. There will also be an unattended sponsors table where freebees can be placed (final decisions on this still coming. this would likelz be the minimum). And it might be nice to identify PEOPLE who belong to our sponsors - maybe with a name tag or something. We *are* big on people :-)

The coaches are really excited about this!! Already many are registered!



AgileCoachCamp Germany 2010:  What needs sponsoring?       


Lunch+Snacks Saturday    50 x 41€    total 2050€

Lunch+Snacks Sunday    50 x 41€     total 2050€

Unlimited soft drinks    if we choose to add this to lunches    price to be determined

T-shirts    up to 50x (only coachcamp logo, no sponsor logo) price to be determined

Paper or index cards, postits? pens, packets  price to be determined (as cheap as possible)


optional addition (when other things are sponsored)

Evening Meals    50 x $18.50€ per day     925 € per day

Friday evening snack    35x (could be cold buffet. At most, cost of a meal)    up to 630€

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