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Questions and Answers

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Saved by Jonas
on April 19, 2010 at 2:37:09 am

Questions on AgileCoachCamp Germany?



Post them here! We'll keep an eye on this page and reply promptly.


Q: I probably can only stay till Saturday Evening. Is that alright with the venue hotel or do  I have to book both nights? (Johannes)


A: Building the community is one of the goals of the agile coach camp. For that reason we clearly prefer participants to attend the whole weekend. If you absolutely can't then please contact info@agilecoachcamp.eu.


Q: Wird die Veranstaltung in Englisch abgehalten oder sprechen wir im AgilenTrainerLager Deutschland auch deutsch miteinander? (rolf)

    Will the event been hold in english or means AgileCoachCamp GERMANY that we (also may) speak german? (rolf)


A: Facilitation will be in English, by our british faciliator Mike Sutton. We expect an international audience and trust sessions to be hold in a language that serves all session attendees. As there probably will be quite a few german speakers you can certainly also have sessions in german - it's really up to the participants to find their solution, no rule on that.


Q: (Portuguese) O evento tem previsão de acontecer na América Latina?


A: Atualmente não existe nenhuma previsão sobre o acontecimento do evento em países da américa latina. O coaching no Brasil deve ser organizado em breve.


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