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Possible Evening Activities

Page history last edited by Ilja Preuß 14 years, 1 month ago

Suggestions and Discussion on Evening Activities


We are currently thinking about what might be interesting and fun evening activities.

This wiki page is meant for open discussion and participation on activity ideas.


Do you have an idea? Do you have something you could conribute as evening activity? Run a game? Teach some skill? Bring in waltzing bears?


Let us and the other participants know about your idea! Just add it to this page, no formalities required.

We also appreciate your feedback on existing ideas!



The venue has archery facilities and could probably also provide a trainer or at least some mandatory safety instructions.

(archery at Seminarzentrum Rückersbach (german))

Comment from Nicole: When I stayed at Rückersbach (about 1 year ago) the archery gear was in poor shape. So I would hesitate to pay money for it without having seen it. In any case, they have two or three large targets, so people can bring their own gear.



There is a small sauna at the venue (I haven't seen it, though). They charge for it separately (it was not too much, IIRC). 


Board games:

  • Werewolfs is a very social "pretending" game for 8-18 players, that we had a lot of fun with at several Retrospective Facilitator Gatherings, and which already has spread to other conferences as an evening activity. I could bring it. ~Ilja
  • For 1000 Blank White Cards, we'd already have all the supplies there. A very fun game, in my experience. ~Ilja
  • Once Upon a Time is a nice little story telling game. Again, I could bring it. ~Ilja


Agile Jeopardy

Werde mal bei Arne Roock zwecks Leihgabe von it-agile anfragen



Maybe some people can bring a musical instrument?



The venue is on top of a hill, right in the middle of the woods, so you can walk or run for ages without contact to civilization... 


Watch a movie:

The venue has the equipment to watch DVDs, so we could watch an interesting movie together.

 Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

 Everything is Illuminated

 Forgiving Dr. Mengele

Office Space !



Improv Theatre:

If eventually there are 3 or more participants, who love showing improv theatre we could start a little performance for the joy and entertainment of all.



We will have juggling balls, clubs and a diavolo



We will have a slackline available... :-)



We used these the first evening at the first AgileCoachCamp to loosen things up - people signed up on the spur of the moment to talk for three minutes about something they were passionate or curious about. It helped us understand better what unique and interesting (and funny!) human beings had come to spend the weekend with us. We had a blast. More under LightningTalks


TED talk campfire:

TED provides a wealth of brilliant, inspiring 10-20 minute talks on various interesting topics around society, science and arts. We could set up a room with a projector or tv and screen a few of these talks during the evening. There should be space and time for discussion between the talks though. ~Sebastian



I will bring a Wii with three controllers, balance board & two guitars (GH III and V). If anybody can bring a fourth or additional spare controllers, it may be cool for multiplayer games, same for a microphone. I will also bring a projector, but I have no good solution for sound. If anybody could bring a small amp/speaker with line in? ~Sven


- I'm bringing two USB mircrophones ~Ilja


... add your ideas here...



High level ropes ("Hochseilgarten"):

Takes at least three hours - we decided to not pursue this further.

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