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Getting to Seminarzentrum Rückersbach


Rückersbach is about 50km from Frankfurt am Main, easily reachable by airplane, train and car.

Venue Address: Kolpingstraße 1, 63867 Johannesberg (In Google Maps)


You might consider offsetting your travel's co2 emissions, eg. with atmosfair.org ?



Arriving by plane

When travelling by plane you will arrive at Frankfurt Airport. From there you can continue via train to Aschaffenburg. The quickest connection is taking the ICE or IC leaving hourly on minute 37 (around 19 Euros). This will take you to Aschaffenburg in 45 minutes without changing trains (timetable and reservation in english and german).


From the train station Aschaffenburg you might take a taxi (see "Arriving by train").


Next airport: Frankfurt Airport (FRA)



Arriving by train

Travelling by train you will arrive at the train station Aschaffenburg, where many ICE trains from all directions stop.

timetable and reservation are available in english and german.


From train station to venue (~10km): Taxi (eg. Tel. 06021 417741) (you might want to share a taxi)


Next train station: Aschaffenburg



Arriving by car

Point you car's navigator to: Kolpingstraße 1, 63867 Johannesberg (In Google Maps)

Maybe you can give somebody a lift and travel together



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