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ACC DE 2010 Details

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AgileCoachCamp 2010 Germany


Wavemaking - gently creating radical change!

Unconference for Agile coaching 


Twitter hashtag: #accde10 Conference Orga Account: @accde10

Yahoo mailing list: agilecoachcamp (announcements-only)

Registration: on our Eventbrite page




From the evening of April 30th through May 2nd (Fri-Sun) ( ical / outlook). 



Two days of highly collaborative, self-organized Open Space for everyone involved in coaching, training, mentoring and leading Agile Organizations, Teams and Individuals. ScrumMasters, team leads, guerilla Change Agents, Product Owners, managers, other roles are all welcome. Diversity makes us smarter!


Run as a non-profit, low-cost, community-organized event. Your price-of-admission is a Position Paper telling us about yourself and your interests. See PositionPapers for more on this aspect of the conference.


Facilitation will be in English, sessions in other languages are welcome.

Our facilitator will be Mike Sutton, who attended ACC2008 in the US and Agile Coaches Gathering 2009 in the UK!

To get an idea of what it might be like, take a look at the results of AgileCoachCamp2008



Out in the country, at the lovely Seminarzentrum Rückersbach (sorry, german website only),

only one hour from Frankfurt (Main) airport.


Venue Address: Kolpingstraße 1, 63867 Johannesberg (In Google Maps)

Next airport: Frankfurt Airport (FRA) (pls consider offsetting your flights co2 emissions, eg. with atmosfair.org)

Next train station: Aschaffenburg ( timetable and reservation in english and german)

From train station to venue (~10km): Taxi (eg. Tel. 06021 417741) (you might want to share a taxi)

Arriving by car? Maybe you can give somebody a lift and travel together?


Registration is open now!

Submit your position paper and register for one of the 50 places on our Eventbrite registration page:


Click here to register for AgileCoachCamp Germany 2010!


We are happy to be able to cover all costs by sponsors! So you will only have to pay for the venue hotel and meals.

You will see details and room prizes during on our registration page.





Proudly brought to you by this passionate team of Agile coaches: in no particular order ...

  • Heiko Stapf
  • Pierluigi Pugliese
  • Sebastian Eichner
  • Ilja Preuß
  • Deborah Hartmann Preuss
  • Christiane Philipps
  • Martin Heider
  • Marc Bless
  • Ute Platzer
  • Jürgen "Mentos" Hoffmann
  • Nicole Rauch
  • Josef Scherer


For more on how we are organizing this event: ACC2010DE_Organization



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